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Celtic Crossings CD Reviews

"Probably the best CD of its kind of the past couple years, Trykselon’s Celtic Crossings is an enthralling collection of traditionally-styled pieces
that will bring joy to any fan of the harp, flute, or fiddle."

... "Breath of Angels” and “Cordelia’s Eye’s” incorporate sounds from nature and unearthly vocals to convey a sense of wistful longing."

"Throughout, the instruments mesh seamlessly together, each picking up the tune or accompaniment at just the right point, and this extraordinary symbiosis between musicians, instruments and melodies heightens one’s sense of pleasure that comes from music that not only entertains but moves its audience."

"A superb collection of songs, Celtic Crossings conveys a timeless spirit of calm and warmth with its melodies and masterful performances."

Richard Mackenzie
~ Renaissance Magazine

“Beautiful presentation, artwork and imagery. Such a lot of thought and focus.”

“This album has revealed there is a uniqueness to your playing. You have a very distinct harp sound and style, rare amongst harpists.”

“Blessed and Tryskelon Chant are lovely tracks both refreshing and awaking”

”One wonderful thing about your CD is that it is a grower. With repeated listens it sounds better and better. It will be played often in cars, especially during stressful drive-homes.”

John Willmott
~ Celtic Ways, Ireland

"Victoria Schultz just gets better at making incredible music.  Her latest album project will make the hair stand up on your arms as you listen to what must be some of the greatest music I have ever heard in 30 years as a producer.  If you are only going to buy one CD of incredible classical music this year, this CD is worth whatever you have to pay for it.  It's tantalizing, it's invigorating and makes you think of sensuality, love, warm beaches, and....OK just let your mind keep wandering."

Robert Metzgar
~ MCA Universal Producer Robert Metzgar
~ GM of Capitol Management Group
~ Elected to the Legends Hall of Fame in 2003

“Victoria Lynn Schultz is a concert harpist/vocalist who masterfully brings her instrument alive.”

“She is the founding member of Tryskelon, where she is joined by Robin Etter on flute and Daniel Flick, who plays violin, viola, mandolin, guitar, bass and percussion.”

“Celtic Crossing” presents 11 cuts, nine of which are Schultz compositions, which places this CD on its own plane. The innovative writing is solidly “in the tradition,” yet exhibits a strong connection to the contemporary in its complex arrangements, which make judicious use of accompanying instruments. Outstanding technicians, Flick and Etter complement Schultz terrifically. Ensemble playing is key here, and each musician keeps respective instruments in check with equal grace, matching each other perfectly”.

“Celtic Crossings” blankets the listener with overall superbly portrayed selections, exquisitely enveloping listeners in warm, engaging music.”

~ Sing Out!
Vol. 50 #2 Summer 2006

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