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Harp Meditation For Chakra Attunement

Tracks 1 – 7 include a guided meditation
1. First Chakra – Red
2. Second Chakra – Orange
3. Third Chakra – Yellow
4. Fourth Chakra – Green
5. Fifth Chakra – Blue
6. Sixth Chakra – Indigo
7. Seventh Chakra – White

Tracks 8 – 14 are harp solo
8. Dancing Feet (Muladhara)
9. Dancing Grace (Svadhisthana)
10. Dancing Treasure (Manipura)
11. Dancing Heart (Anahata)
12. Dancing Voices (Visshudha)
13. Dancing Spirit (Ajna)
14. Dancing Dreams (Sahasrara)


Celtic Muse Message

After many years of performing the concert grand harp with orchestras Victoria was invited to perform Celtic harp for a popular dinner theater attraction. She fell in love with the the beauty of performinc Celtic music.

She now owns several Celtic harps ranging from a 19 string lap harp to the 36 string harp and performs regularly at Celtic festivals. Victoria is also a talented vocalist and has performed a wide range of operas and theater musicals. In addition to her solo work, Victoria has recently toured and performed with Roberta Flack, James Ingram and popular Irish performers Maura Erskine and Billy Finnegan.

"Dancing Heart" is an beautiful original piece by Victoria Schultz. It's listed as New Age, but it lakes all the extra fluff which makes it even more exceptional. Just a woman and her Celtic harp performing mesmerizing music together. This works perfectly since the CD is designed for meditation with harp music.

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